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Reliable hosting

Fozzy provides protection against unauthorized access to your hosting. The abundance of data centers all over the world will not allow your website “crash” for any minute. Data centers are protected not only at the level hardware and software, but also physically. Customer data Fozzy is securely protected in terms of information security. At all data centers have valid ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certificates.

Powerful hosting for WordPress, Joomla, ModX, Drupal, Bitrix.

As web developers, we can assure you that
sites on WordPress and other CMS engines are quite resource-intensive, and their location on insufficiently powerful hosting leads to a long load and,
as a result, lowers your site in search results
systems. For such projects, we recommend using powerful servers.
Fozzy provides a wide range of solutions including ready-made plans for your website engine, and our specialists are always ready to advise you on the choice of hosting capacity.

Your personal VPS

Fozzy provides the ability to rent a personal VPS server. VPS — this is Your personal server machine where You can host everything. Pay your attention to a set of ready-made solutions for your tasks. There are BitrixVM (a specially configured server for 1C-Bitrix products), Windows VPS (remote desktop based on Windows Server), Forex VPS (Windows VPS with a set of programs for uninterrupted Forex trading), Linux server (both pure and already configured).

Sell products online

The culture of consumption has long been established in the world society. Millions of products are bought every day. In the 21st century everything starts to transition «online», so the owners of online stores have maximum development prospects. Our team of specialists can create a ready-made online store for you, as well as deal with it promotion.

Convenient website builder

If you want to learn web development skills, you can try
create a website on your own using a free Fozzy website builder.

Launch your online store in a couple of days!

Fozzy provides a ready-made online store on Opencart, you can start
work in a few days, our specialists can help you with
landing the store on hosting, setting it up and promoting it.

Is your hosting often unavailable?

There are quite a lot of hosters on the market, but only a few were able to prove Your reliability. Our studio has also become a victim unreliable hosting provider, so we ourselves know perfectly well how
this is when the work stops through no fault of ours. By choosing Fozzy you choose a reliable partner who has long been trusted even by such a giant as Forex investment exchange, and many other popular Internet portals.

Are you in doubt about choosing a hosting service?

Our studio uses the services of Fozzy, and we are sure that
our resources will always be available. Fozzy data centers have
Tier III (uptime 99.982%) and Tier IV (uptime 99.995%) certifications issued by the Uptime Institute and certified by SSAE 16 SOC 2,
Type II. Our experts can help you in choosing and setting up
hosting. Contact us for any advise!

Tech. Is your hosting support not responding for a long time?

We know about bad service, so for our customers we recommend only hostings that we have personally verified, Fozzy is one of them.
Technical support is always in touch, and any question is answered in
during the hour. Therefore, in case of difficulties, you can be sure that they will help you.

Ruby on Rails web applications

Why do we need web applications?

Today, the Internet occupies a significant niche in the life of every person. People buy, sell, communicate, relax and develop using the Internet. Considering that today everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, any applications, including web applications based on Ruby on Rails, have become more relevant than ever. What could be more convenient than a social network, or a delivery service right on the smartphone screen? And besides, not in the browser, but as an independent application.

A variety of development tools

With the popularization of web applications, came a variety of development tools, today the developer has thousands of tools to work with anything from photo editing to writing code. Among developers, disputes often arise about which tools are better, more efficient. Many professionals choose Ruby in Rails development for its simplicity and efficiency. An experienced developer knows that each tool has its own clear function, you won’t drive a nail with a screwdriver, will you?

Why do our experts work with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a kind of developer’s multitool, this tool has absorbed all the best from other development tools. RoR allows you to increase the functionality of the application in a matter of minutes without acquiring the so-called «crutches». Developing with Ruby on Rails is convenient and therefore fast. We all understand that after quality, the main factor in development is speed. With Ruby on Rails, a developer can write efficiently and quickly.

The process of creating a web application using Ruby on Rails

First of all, a specialist needs to study the subject area. Why is he making an app? After the developer, like a portrait painter, creates the layout of the application, he must outline the main functional parts of the application. If we consider the Model View Controller model, then usually among them are the application entities, their controllers, and what the user sees — views. Then the next step is to write, debug the program code and the Ruby on Rails web application is ready. An experienced developer knows that the more time he devotes to design, the less complexity will arise during the implementation phase of the application.

Are you a big business owner and still don’t have your app?

Then you’ve come to the right place, our specialists can develop an application on Ruby on Rails for every taste, whether it’s a simple inventory application, or an entire online store. You will be able to follow the development stages to make sure your application is reliable. The main thing to remember is that from an economic point of view, a web application is the right investment, because in the future it will bring or increase your income.