Development of websites

One of the areas of the work of our web studio is the development of websites and web applications.We will quickly and efficiently create a site, online store or portal for you.Our studio It develops both simple proctates on pure HTML/CSS or any CMS, and complex, using Framivar Ruby on Rails.Create a unique design for your website.

SEO promotion

We complete the SEO promotion of your site in the TOP search engines Yandex and Google. We will conduct analytics on competitive sites, optimizing the code of your site to the requirements of search engines. We will form the correct semantic core.We will conduct advertising companies to increase the weight of the site and its visibility in search engines.

Contextual advertising

We set up and optimize advertising companies in contextual advertising networks Yandex Direct and Google ADS.Create and configure your advertising account.Correct configuration contextual Advertising will allow you to quickly and economically effectively attract customers for your services, customers for your goods and visitors to your thematic site.

Site Development and Support

Site Development and Support
Our team consists of professional programmers, designers, systemic Administrators who will develop a site for you as soon as possible, configure domain zones, hosting, VDS/VPS or DEDICATE server.


Development is carried out at our hosting, on a technical domain of several specialists.The customer has the opportunity to directly observe the process of developing a website.


We provide services for subsequent support and maintenance of the website. We recommend reliable fast -acting hosting.Installing or transferring a site to a customer hosting, Setting up the domain zone.

Seo site promotion by stages

SEO analytics

SEO analytics

Analytics of competing sites on your subject, for SEO optimization.
Site on HTML5/CSS

Site on HTML5/CSS

Development of a website on pure HTML/CSS.One of the best solutions for website promotion in the top.
Optimization site

Optimization site

SEO Optimize the website for the requirements of search engines.Check errors, speeds, semantics.
SEO images

SEO images

Unique and optimization of images on the site for promotion in search engines.
SEO promotion

SEO promotion

Search promotion of the website.Advertising companies on thematic resources.Linkbuilding.
Detailed reports

Detailed reports

We provide detailed reports on the planned and planned Work on website promotion.


Web site of the electric company

Web site of the Polish electric company

This web site was developed on the Ruby On Rails Framivork, the administrative part Contains a CRM system for doing business (accounting, accounting, personnel, etc.)
CRM for a electric company

CRM for a Polish electric company

This project was written on Ruby On Rails.The application helps the entrepreneur Lead accounting.
Web site of the nursery of animals

Web site of the Ukrainian nursery of animals

This site was created by our team on CMS WordPress.
Web site of teaspoon

Web site of English teaspoon

The site is designed with a unique design on CMS WordPress.
Web site of the agricultural company

Web site of the Ukrainian agricultural company

The site is designed on pure HTML/CSS
SEO promoting the company's website

SEO promoting the company's website

Google TOP1 - 17 keys, TOP3 - 21 keys, TOP5 - 24 keys, TOP10 - 25 keys, TOP30 - 28 keys
More of our work

Contribution of contextual advertising

Contribution of contextual advertising


Analysis of specialized search queries on the advertising web site.


Setting up and optimizing an advertising company in Google ADS.


Calculation of the company's budget in the contextual advertising network.Cost optimization

Creative solutions in web development


Web site with a unique design on CMS WordPress.There are many ready -made premium WordPress templates.Search optimization and CEO promoting web sites on WordPress.


Development of websites on CMS-Joomla.A unique design or premium step for your site.We are also engaged in CEO promoting and search engine optimization on Joomla.


The Web site on the pure HTML/CSS guarantees a high page load speed, which will give high performance indicators of the site’s search performance in a row with a unique design.


Sites with unique functionality on PHP and Ruby On Rails Frames.The site on the framework is distinguished by flexible functionality, high speed, expansion for any task.


We are developing a web applications for Ruby On Rails.Reliable, fast -acting, expanding framework.The application on Rails is an excellent and indispensable business tool.


High -quality hosting for the site.A variety of tariff plans.A round -the -clock friendly support.Aptim 99.9%.Servers on high -speed SSD.Partner program for webmasters
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