Development process

To understand how we develop our Ruby on Rails applications, you can take a look at the main development steps.

1. Main stages of development

Review of Terms of Reference

The development of a web application is carried out on the basis of the terms of reference (TOR). Specialists developers study technical specifications in detail, because The key to success when developing an application is strict compliance with the requirements. To create an application on Ruby on Rails, it is not necessary to know all the standards by heart, but in order to do it efficiently, specialists must work with the documentation. You communicate with developers in the language of the terms of reference. It is often difficult for people who are not close to technical sciences to draw up technical specifications. Our experts will help you with this.

Domain Introduction

Before starting development in accordance with the TOR, specialists study the subject area. For example, you want to develop an online auto parts store with integration into your warehouse and accounting programs. We need to study in detail the features of online sales of auto parts, the range of cars, software products for selecting spare parts by make / model or VIN code of a car, explore the possibilities of integrating other software products with a web application, and much more.

Modeling a future Ruby on Rails application

After getting acquainted with the TK and the subject area, specialists need to schematically present a model of the future application. Not only the development of a web application on Ruby on Rails, but any other requires a clear idea of ​the final result. Otherwise, any complex application will not work correctly, if at all. Our developers always work on the principle of measure 7 times — cut 1 time.

Getting Started

Upon completion of the modeling, the specialists distribute responsibilities and begin developing the web application according to the previously agreed scheme. With this approach, the probability of force majeure is extremely low, the work goes quickly and efficiently.


No developer in the world can avoid mistakes. Therefore, after writing the code, it is immediately checked and, if necessary, corrected. Testing is a guarantee that your Ruby on Rails online store will work properly, and you will not lose a penny due to a sudden failure of the web application.

2. Maintenance of finished software

We provide a full range of services for maintaining and modernizing our Ruby on Rails applications. The finished software is accompanied by technical documentation, with its help any developer can easily understand the program code.

Technical documentation

In the process of developing a web application, the programmer begins to write technical documentation. It includes information about the software. In what environment was the development carried out, and why in it. What plugins were used and why. What problems may arise. It is very important to maintain documentation for further support and modernization of the application.

3. Ruby on Rails development standards

In the web development environment, there are certain application development and security standards that must be followed because such a Ruby on Rails application will be difficult to hack and easy to understand for another developer. We work strictly according to web development standards, so you can be sure that there will be no problems with your application in the future.

Security Standards

There are a number of security standards, such as rules for storing passwords in a database. The passwords in the database are stored in an encrypted form, this ensures that when the database is hacked, a hacker will not be able to use the obtained passwords to harm your application.

Design Standards

When developing, it is also necessary to use standards, for example, the so-called style code . The Ruby on Rails application code must be properly structured. It is necessary to avoid complex structures, piling up of monotonous functions, etc. This ensures that the author of the application, or any other programmer, will easily understand the program code and be able to work with it. Otherwise, it can be easier to develop a web application from scratch than to understand what inexperienced developers have written.

4. Why do our programmers choose Ruby on Rails?

It’s all about the ease of use of this framework for developing web applications. There are a number of ready-made and fully customizable modules that allow you to quickly create a Ruby on Rails application. The Ruby programming language was originally created for the convenience of the programmer. But most importantly, the Ruby on Rails web application has high performance and security, and Ruby on Rails web sites have a high potential for SEO promotion in the TOP of search engines.