An important element of the quality of a website is its search engine optimization, which provides higher positioning in search engines than non-optimized websites. However, with serious competition, search engine optimization alone is not enough to get the site into the top 10 search engines. So, there are two main ways to promote a site to the TOP. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

1. Setting up contextual advertising

The first method is faster and easier, but requires fine tuning to optimize financial costs. We are talking about advertising Google ads and Yandex-direct. You pay for a click a user makes on your ad in search. Depending on the budget and settings of the advertising company, the search system will display your ad on the first page of search results for the search query specified in your ad. Congratulations, you are in the top 10 of the search engine! Fast and efficient, but, as always, the main thing is in the details. For example, you set a daily budget of $100. Google ads or Yandex Direct can spend them for 2000 clicks, or maybe even 10. It all depends on the settings of the advertising company. On average, out of 100 people who clicked on the ad and followed it to the site, 1-2 people will make an order. Accordingly, these two orders can cost $5 or $1,000. Therefore, always contact specialists in the field of advertising settings. We will create and professionally set up an advertising campaign for you.

2. SEO website promotion

The second way is longer and starts with proper SEO optimization of the site.

SEO optimization

If there are no competitive sites for your keywords, then most likely the site will get into the top 10 only due to search engine optimization. The site is analyzed for speed and errors in the code. We provide a detailed report on the analysis carried out with a list of deficiencies found and possible ways to eliminate them. Errors are eliminated, performance is optimized.The semantic core is modified for your keywords. The best solution is to initially website development in pure HTML/CSS or in framework Ruby on Rails. Such sites are not overloaded with unnecessary code and are initially created with search engine optimization. If there is high competition for keywords, SEO promotion is necessary.

SEO Analytics

SEO website promotion starts with competitor analytics. Competitor sites in the TOP10 are determined by keywords, a detailed analysis of their semantics, trustworthiness and many other parameters is carried out. Depending on the results, a further promotion strategy and the necessary budget are determined. It includes specialist fees + technical costs. Depending on the number of keywords for which it is necessary to promote the site, and the level of competition, several specialists may be involved.

Search Engine Optimization

Work on SEO website promotion takes from 2 months to 1 year. The budget strongly depends on the quantity and quality of competitors, they do not sleep and also promote their sites. In the future, after the site enters the top 10 Yandex and / or Google, constant work on promotion will not be required. Periodically, it will be necessary to monitor the position of the site in search engines and, in case of sudden changes in positions, conduct additional analytics on the possible actions of competitors or the possible entry of the website under search engine filters. In the first case (with Google ads or Yandex direct), you pay all the time and the website immediately gets into the top 10 (more precisely, an advertisement linking to your website), and in the second (with seo promotion) you pay within promotion period (from 2 to 12 months), and then, after passing the site in the top 10, you get traffic to the site from the search engine and customers for free. The website is always in the search engine results, and the advertisement is shown periodically, depending on the budget and contextual advertising settings. The choice is yours. We will professionally perform both options.